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(At Mulative, 08.10.2011)

I see a "human being",
Why should I specify
From the language he speaks,
When the sweat glistens on his soot dark skin,
Hidden tears in his blank eyes,
Blood that runs in his fragile veins
are just as warm and real as mine...

I see the naked kid playing at his feet,
I try to make eye contact
and give her a little smile,
For I love kids..., all of them....
The shy kid steals a few quick glances at me,
Is that a fear in her eyes?
I smile, she smiles back...
With that same innocent smile all little kids have...
What is this feeling that fills my heart?
Anger? Hatred? Those feelings you get near an enemy?
Why these tears come rushing into my eyes?
I feel a knot stuck in my throat...
How can I hate these pulsating human hearts...?
I get a vision in my mind,
The streams of blood that gushed on this soil...,
Heaps of dead bodies scattered around...,
At one glance,
I can't recognize two different kinds of them...
All are human beings...,
Same warm blood...
I wipe a tear off my eyes,
May they all rest in peace, I wish,
Let there be a world filled with only roses, no guns....!

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