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වයර් දිගේ- | ගොළුඛෙලි තැපෑලෙන්- බූන්දියේ අපි, 190/3/A, කැන්දලියැද්දපාළුව, රාගම.


“Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy brother's wife: it is thy brother's nakedness”
Holy Bible, Leviticus 18:16

Nullifying that love is blind
I see her weeping eyes
in the fatal, breathless darkness,
where nocturnal love lies

The tan colored clothing,
You lately picked for her,
has slipped over from,
tanned tender body,
over my trembling fingers

Brother, I do not see her
Only the eyes, I swear

Because of uncovering her first,
you built a wall around her
Constantly the phenomenal barrier,
insists she look beyond for a warrior

The wounded, scapegoat love
is created as a blunder

In the gloomy, sorrowful skies
a night –seagull cries
What have you ever felt my brother?
You’ve never seen its cry
tides in her eyes

Blood is thicker than tears,
yet, the heart is stabbed in the center
That sharp blade holds such pain
Pulling it out certainly halts,
my eyes , my heart , my veins

In her steely terrified eyes
I only see you, brother
I do not see your Venus
I do not,
I do not, brother, I swear

සුභද්‍රා ජයසුන්දර

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