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බූන්දියට එන පාර

වයර් දිගේ- | ගොළුඛෙලි තැපෑලෙන්- බූන්දියේ අපි, 190/3/A, කැන්දලියැද්දපාළුව, රාගම.


Awaiting the next moment
With hopeless dejection
I did not wish
To be the first or the last

There was no escape
From that fearsome blow
However low the head was bent

All conscious thought disappeared
The very first hour inside the torture camp
Sorrowful memories of the past
Pain that pierced the very flesh
Deathly moans
Distorted shapes and bright colours
A terrifying jumble of dreams

The utter helplessness of humanity
Was the one other thing in this nightmare
The only friend here was death
Yet even he showed no mercy

The faint moans were slowly fading
For the third time just before dawn
The young woman brought in last night
Cried out


Death before betrayal
Curses instead of pleadings
I salute you dear sister
With this final teardrop of mine
Soaking into my blindfold
Incentives, bonuses

A cup of yoghurt for dessert
Crushing the cup underfoot
The soldier smacks his lips
As it to ask
Who’s next?

Life has no name or number
Inside the torture camp
Death is a headless corpse
A news without a headline
Unlisted lives drifting towards
Unlisted death

Many are the times I've escaped
In frightening nightmares
Yet I am still here!
The very thought terrifies

As my final testimony
All I can say is that
The many killed here
Had a human face.

[Original Sinhala Poem and Tamil Translation- වධකාගාරයේ සිට]

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